'How beautiful is that?' Mother Mary, Mother Church and Mother’s Day

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Bishop Luis Rafael Zarama reminds the faithful that, as Jesus was on the cross, he told John that Mary was his mother.

“In John, all of us, we are there,” says the bishop, noting that Mary is a mother to all and intercedes for people. “And the Church is a mother, too … for the sons and daughters.”

In this video message, Bishop Luis says that one of the most beautiful examples of motherhood is how Mary was with Jesus in all of his journey in life, through joys and sorrows.

“And this is what the Church is for us,” says the bishop. “Jesus gave us the Church that through the Church, in all our moments in life, good or difficult or painful, the Church offers us company as the example of Mary and Jesus. How beautiful is that?”

Bishop Luis also shares how the month of May brings Mother’s Day to the United States and it’s a time to reflect, celebrate and let children spoil their mothers.

“Be seated and let your children serve you,” he smiles. “You always like to serve but, remember, you need to let your children serve you and that requires humility, too, and be open to the gifts of your children. Happy Mother’s Day.”