Over 35,000 Easter flowers will again cover St. Peter's Square

Each year in celebration of Easter, St. Peter's Square is adorned with over 35,000 flowers and plants. It is a tradition that dates back to 1985 and is made possible by one European country notorious for its fields of flowers.

"A special thought of thanks for the gift of the beautiful flowers which come from the Netherlands," said Pope Francis.

The flowers are arranged by professional Dutch florists alongside Vatican gardeners, with the goal of creating a special ambiance at the Vatican.

"You get the feeling of spring. It's like walking in a Dutch tulip field," said Dr. Charles Lansdorp, florist.

The planning for this is not taken lightly, as it is one of the biggest events for the Dutch floral industry.

"It already starts after Easter because you have to think about next year," Dr. Lansdorp said. "Especially, the bulb flowers, because you have to force the flowers that they are all ready on the exact time. The cut flowers it's easier because you harvest them maybe a week before, and then you do the preparations in the Vatican."

And this year will be no different. Preparations have been long underway for the 2024 Easter flowers that will arrive during Holy Week by a truck from the Netherlands.