'Pope Francis, grandfather of the world'

This is how a special meeting for Pope Francis began: with the sound of the Italian tenor Al Bano's music.

For the first time, Pope Francis met with some 6,000 grandparents and grandchildren at the Vatican. He spoke to them about how his grandmother instilled the faith in him when he was a child.

"I also received it from my grandmother, from whom I first learned about Jesus, who loves us, who never leaves us alone, and who exhorts us to be close to each other and never to exclude anyone. I still remember the first prayers my grandmother taught me," Pope Francis said.

The pope also spoke of the importance of listening to the elderly and their experiences throughout life, as they have often had to witness hard and complicated moments.

"Older people wear glasses — almost all of them — but they see far away. Why? They see far away," he said. "Because they have lived many years and have many things to teach: for example, how ugly war is. I learned this a long time ago from my grandfather, who had lived through the 14th, the Piave, the First World War, and who made me understand with his stories that war is a horrible thing."

At the end of the audience, grandparents and grandchildren made a surprise for the Pope. Among all of them, they chose this nickname for Francis.

"I wanted to surprise you, Your Holiness. Are you ready?
We are ready.
Pope Francis… Grandfather of the world.
Do you like it?
Pope Francis… Grandfather of the world."