Business and Fiscal Services

The Business and Fiscal Services Division supports the diocese’s pastoral mission by serving parishes and schools and by ensuring the proper stewardship of all Church temporal resources, including funds generously provided by its parishioners and donors.

The division functions as the financial liaison with parishes, missions, and schools by providing support as necessary in financial and administrative matters. Business and Fiscal Services also provides guidance to help parishes and schools conform to diocesan and financial practice norms and protocols. The division’s stewardship responsibilities include: safeguarding the Church’s assets, exercising sound judgment in business matters, ensuring financial accountability and transparency, and complying with all civil regulations and diocesan policies and procedures.

The Business and Fiscal Services Division reports to the chief financial officer / chief operating officer of the diocese and includes the following major functional areas of support: Diocesan Deposit and Loan Program, Parish Financial and Business Services, Property and General Liability Insurance Program, Parish and School Internal Auditing, Accounts Receivable, Billing and Accounts Payable, Centralized Payroll, and Capital Project Finance Plan Process.